Rétablissement de Periomphale Baill. (Alseuosmiaceae), genre endémique de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Christiane TIREL

fr Bulletin du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, 4ème série – section B, Adansonia : Botanique, Phytochimie 18 (1-2) - Pages 155-160

Published on 19 July 1996

Reinstatement of the endemic New Caledonian genus Periomphale Baill. (Alseuosmiaceae)

The synonymy of Periomphale Baill. and Wittstenia F. Muell., proposed by van Steenis in 1984, is questioned as several characters allow these genera to be distinguished from one another. A single species, Periomphale balansae Baill. is recognised in New Caledonia and three names are put into synonymy. The reduction or absence of the disc and the non-opening of the corolla are not considered to be within the normal range of variation of this species; there is a link between these anomalies and the presence of parasitic insects. A key to the four genera of the family Alseuosmiaceae is given as well as an account of the nomenclature of Periomphale.

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