Contribution to the bryophyte flora of New Caledonia III. New and interesting records, new combinations and new synonyms


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 39 (3) - Pages 361-376

Published on 27 July 2018

Although numerous papers have already been published on the New Caledonia bryophytes, our knowledge of the bryophyte flora of the territory still remains incomplete. Here we report 13 species new to New Caledonia: six liverworts (Bazzania caudistipula, B. loricata, B. wooroonooran, Ceratolejeunea belangeriana, Riccardia albomarginata, R. colensoi) and seven mosses (Austinia tenuinervis, Chionoloma crassicostatum, Diphyscium longifolium, Ectropothecium dealbatum, Fabronia australis, Schwetschkea pygmaea, Trichosteleum subfalcatulum). The occurrence in New Caledonia of one hornwort (Dendroceros granulatus), four liverworts (Acrolejeunea securifolia subsp. caledonica, Bazzania subtilis, Kurzia caduciloba, Spruceanthus thozetianus) and one moss (Chionoloma dubium) is confirmed and additional data on the species are provided. New combinations and synonymies are proposed for four liverworts (Mastigobryum bernieri f. falcifolium = Bazzania bernieri, Cryptolophocolea subcostata ≡ Lophocolea subcostata, Heteroscyphus confertus ≡ Chiloscyphus confertus, Heteroscyphus rotundiphyllus ≡ Chiloscyphus rotundifolius) and three mosses (Radulina borbonica = Trichosteleum insigne, Trichosteleum stigmosum = Trichosteleum piliferum, Trichostomum noumeanum ≡ Hymenostomum noumeanum). Finally, one name is suppressed (Mastigobryum pancheri) and three species are rejected from the bryoflora of New Caledonia (Bazzania falcifolia, Pseudosymblepharis angustata, Spruceanthus sulcatus).

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