Bryophytes from the Fijii islands, IX. Liverwort collections made by R.M. Schuster

Tamás PÓCS, Andrea SASS-GYARMATI, Matthew von KONRAT & Laura BRISCOE

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 39 (2) - Pages 169-176

Published on 27 April 2018

Examination of previously unstudied liverwort collections made by R.M. Schuster during 1962 and 1967 was undertaken. We report 13 new records for the Fiji Islands including Cheilolejeunea xanthocarpa, Cololejeunea appressa, Cololejeunea floccosa, Cololejeunea koponenii, Cololejeunea magnilobula, Cololejeunea subtriapiculata, Drepanolejeunea pentadactyla Heteroscyphus splendens, lopholejeunea wiltensii mastigolejeunea indica, schiffneriolejeunea pulopenangensis and schiffneriolejeunea tumida var. haskarliana Range extensions for eight additional species were reported, which were previously known only from one locality in the islands prior to the current investigation. New morphologic features of Cololejeunea bifalcata, Cololejeunea tuiwawana Pócs and Phaeolejeunea amicorum were also observed. One species, Cheilolejeunea occlusa was collected by Schuster in Western Samoa, which is a new record to the South Pacific.

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