Closing a gap – first records of bryophytes from the Qatar Peninsula

Harald KÜRSCHNER, Juha M. ALATALO, Muneera Ali S. L. AL-MESAIFRI & Mohammed H. S. A. ALSAFRAN

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 39 (1) - Pages 77-82

Published on 26 January 2018

The ephemeral or annual mosses Entosthodon fascicularis (Funariaceae), Microbryum starckeanum (Pottiaceae) and Pohlia melanodon (Mniaceae) were found in the understorey of natural Ziziphus nummularia shrubland in Qatar. These are the first records of bryophytes from the Qatar Peninsula, hence bridging the distribution gap on the Arabian Peninsula. Their site ecology, establishment and habitat maintenance conditions in the desert landscape of Umm Al Shukhoot are discussed.

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