The bryophyte flora of the village of Almásfüzitő, a former industrial settlement in NW-Hungary


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 38 (2) - Pages 153-170

Published on 28 April 2017

The objective of the present work was the evaluation of the bryophyte flora diversity of the Hungarian village AlmásfüzitÅ‘ and the adjacent industrial zone. The investigated area was divided into 6 sections depending on the human influence. Altogether 82 taxa (3 liverworts and 79 mosses) were recorded. The low proportion of liverwort species could be primarily explained by the moderately dry climate of the region, and by the fact that the village of AlmásfüzitÅ‘ does not have any historical districts, and old buildings, thus the proportion of new artificial surfaces is relatively high. The bryophyte flora of AlmásfüzitÅ‘ shows the greatest similarity with that of nearby Middle-European metropolises (Linz, Bratislava and Vienna), which was primarily explained by the presence of common and frequent species.

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