Notes on five, mainly high-altitude species of Chinese Neckera, with an updated key to Neckera sensu lato in China

Johannes ENROTH

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 38 (1) - Pages 75-83

Published on 27 January 2017

This paper presents new distributional records of five Chinese species of Neckera Hedw.: N. bhutanensis Nog. (new to Sichuan and Yunnan), N. borealis Nog. (new to Xinjiang), N. himalayana Mitt. (Yunnan, new to China), N. setschwanica Broth. (new to Bhutan), and N. xizangensis Enroth (new to Sichuan and Yunnan, the first reports of the species since type material from Xizang). Maps showing the distributions of the treated species in China and an updated key to the Chinese species of Neckera sensu lato are provided.

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