New records of liverworts and hornworts from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

S. Robbert GRADSTEIN, Claudia MORALES, Maria A. NEGRITTO & Jeffrey G. DUCKETT

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 37 (4) - Pages 463-475

Published on 28 October 2016

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (5775 m) it is the highest peak of Colombia and the highest coastal mountain in the world. Liverworts and hornworts of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta have been relatively little studied. In this paper a considerable number of new species records from the Sierra Nevada are presented with brief notes on morphology, distribution and habitat of the taxa. Ten species and the genus Notothylas Sull. (2 spp.) are new to Colombia. The Asiatic Metzgeria lindbergii Schiffn. (= M. saxbyi Pearson, syn. nov.) is shown to be a pantropical species and is newly recorded from Africa and the New World. The lectotypification of Radula xalapensis Nees & Mont. is discussed.

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