Aptychella chilensis belongs to the Ptychomniaceae and not Pylaisiadelphaceae based on DNA and morphological analyses

Frank MÜLLER & Hiroyuki AKIYAMA

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 37 (3) - Pages 251-258

Published on 29 July 2016

Inferences from molecular data (rps4 and trnL-F) and morphological features of the Chilean endemic Aptychella chilensis reveal that the species should be excluded from Aptychella and the Pylaisiadelphaceae, and transferred to Ombronesus in the Ptychomniaceae. The new combination Ombronesus chilensis (Herzog) Frank Müll. & H. Akiyama is proposed with the new synonym O. stuvensis N.E. Bell, N. Pedersen & A.E. Newton. A lectotype for A. chilensis is selected.

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