A new species of Leptolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Marchantiophyta) from Fiji with special reference to Leptolejeunea tripuncta

Lei SHU, Rui-Liang ZHU & Tamás PÓCS

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 37 (2) - Pages 157-165

Published on 29 April 2016

Leptolejeunea latilobula Lei Shu, R.L.Zhu & Pócs, a new species from Fiji, is described and illustrated. This species stands out within Leptolejeunea on account of its large size of leaf lobule with four cells wide on the apical portion, lobe apex acute to apiculate, margin more or less dentate, and underleaf lobes linear, usually two cells long. Leptolejeunea serrulata Herzog is proposed as a synonym of Leptolejeunea tripuncta (Mitt.) Steph., previously known only from Fiji. A neotype of Leptolejeunea tripuncta is designated.

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