New records of Bazzania species (Marchantiophyta: Lepidoziaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia with identification key

Yih-Horng CHEAH & Kien-Thai YONG

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 37 (2) - Pages 199-210

Published on 29 April 2016

This paper is the first attempt to understand the genus Bazzania Gray (Marchantiophyta: Lepidoziaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia. Eleven new records for Peninsular Malaysia are reported. They are Bazzania albifolia Horik., B. angustitipula N.Kitag., B. asymmetrica (Steph.) N. Kitag., B. bicrenata N.Kitag., B. bidentula (Steph.) Steph. ex Yasuda, B. erosa (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis., B. friabilis N. Kitag. & T. Kodama, B. horridula Schiffner, B. pseudovittata N.Kitag. & T.Kodama, B. serpentina (Nees) Trevis. and B. uncigera (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis. The first five species are new to the country, Malaysia. An identification key for all the Bazzania species reported for Peninsular Malaysia is provided.

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