A new species of Lejeuneaceae (Marchantiophyta) from new Caledonia: Ceratolejeunea bardatii sp. nov.

Louis THOUVENOT, S. Robbert GRADSTEIN & Rui-Liang ZHU

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 36 (3) - Pages 243-249

Published on 31 July 2015

The liverwort Ceratolejeunea bardatii sp. nov. (Lejeuneaceae) is described and illustrated from submontane, mesophilous valley forest of New Caledonia. The new species stands out by 1) leaf lobes with a 2-cells wide vitta of dark brown ocelli and some additional adjacent ocelli; 2) upper leaf margins with Allorgella-type denticulations; 3) utricles absent; and 4) perianths short obovoid and with 4 flat or twisted horns. The new species constitutes the first record of the genus Ceratolejeunea for New Caledonia.

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