Nomenclatural rectifications in the moss genus Lembophyllum (Lembophyllaceae)


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 36 (2) - Pages 123-127

Published on 24 April 2015

Author citation of four species names in Lembophyllum Lindb. is rectified. Their authorship was incorrectly ascribed to S.O. Lindberg because of the misinterpretation of citations using "ex" and "in". The following names should correctly be ascribed to E.G. Paris who published them in 1896 in Index bryologicus: Lembophyllum clandestinum (Hook.f. et Wilson) Lindb. ex Paris, L. cochlearifolium (Schwägr.) Lindb. ex Paris, L. divulsum (Hook.f. et Wilson) Lindb. ex Paris and L. vagum (Hornsch. ex Müll.Hal.) Lindb. ex Paris. Lembophyllum sect. Rigodiella (E.B.Bartram) Ochyra et Bednarek-Ochyra, comb. nov. is the correct name for the superfluous sectional name L. sect. Looseria (Thér.) Tangney.

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