Diversity of Grimmiaceae subfam. Racomitrioideae in sub-Saharan Africa, including an addition of Bucklandiella striatipila to the moss flora of the continent


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 34 (1) - Pages 3-12

Published on 25 January 2013

Diversity of the Grimmiaceae subfam. Racomitrioideae in sub-Saharan Africa is briefly outlined. This subfamily is represented by two genera in this region, namely Racomitrium Brid. s. str. and Bucklandiella Roiv. which, until recently, consisted altogether of one and four species, respectively. Bucklandiella striatipila (Cardot) Bednarek-Ochyra et Ochyra, a species described from Chile, is here added as the fourth species of Bucklandiella to the moss flora of mainland Africa where it occurs in the Western Cape in South Africa. The species is briefly taxonomically assessed and its diagnostic characters are described and illustrated. The global range of B. striatipila is briefly reviewed and mapped. The error in the citation of the avowed substitute of Grimmia austropatens Müll.Hal. 1899, hom. illeg., in Schistidium Bruch et Schimp. is corrected for S. austropatens (Broth.) Ochyra et Bednarek-Ochyra.

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