Two noteworthy additions to the moss flora of the Schirmacher Oasis in continental Antarctica

Lyubov E. KURBATOVA & Ryszard OCHYRA

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 33 (2) - Pages 159-167

Published on 27 April 2012

Two species of moss, Grimmia plagiopodia Hedw. (Grimmiaceae) and Hennediella antarctica (Ångstr.) Ochyra et Matteri (Pottiaceae), are recorded for the first time from the Schirmacher Oasis in continental Antarctica. The latter species has so far been known only from Enderby Land and its geographical range is now extended to Dronning Maud Land. Both species are briefly characterised and their Antarctic distribution is mapped. Accordingly, the moss flora of Dronning Maud Sector of Antarctica consists of 13 species, 12 of which are known to occur in the Schirmacher Oasis. One species, Pohlia wilsonii (Mitt.) Ochyra, found in a lake in the Schirmacher Oasis has yet to be confirmed.

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