Pohlia oerstediana (Müll. Hal.) A. J. Shaw (Bryaceae, Bryopsida), an addition to the moss flora of Asia

Guillermo M. SUÁREZ & Ryszard OCHYRA

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 32 (2) - Pages 139-143

Published on 29 April 2011

Pohlia laticuspis (Broth.) P. C. Chen ex Redf. et B. C. Tan, a species described from China, is conspecific with the neotropical P. oerstediana (Müll. Hal.) A. J. Shaw. The original material of Webera paupera Müll. Hal. ex Paris, an undescribed species from the Himalayan region of India, also represents this species. The previous known geographical range of P. oerstediana is thus remarkably extended to Asia and the species is established as an eastern Asian − northern Latin American disjunct. A map of its global distribution is presented.

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