In vitro micropropagation of Bryum argenteum Hedw.

Shu-Feng LIANG, Yue SUN & Rui-Liang ZHU

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 31 (3) - Pages 233-239

Published on 30 July 2010

Bryum argenteum Hedw., a cosmopolitan moss, is now considered a greening material suitable for courtyards and golf courses in countries like China. Here we describe the development of new micropropagation procedures as a key step in the commercial development of B. argenteum in greening applications. The protonemata were grown in liquid culture and introduced onto solid media for gametophore development. The derived gametophores were broken into pieces by a blender and inoculated onto a sterilized substrate: a mixture of vermiculite and peat (6:1). A moss mat formed after a month. Effects of different media and phytohormones (IAA, 6-BA, GA3) on protonema multiplication and gametophore induction were investigated. The results showed that (1) protonemata were most easily propagated in Knop solution, compared with other liquid media (BCD and Beneke); (2) protonemata grown on Knop agar produced more gametophores than those cultivated on other solid media; (3) 0.1uM GA3 added to the Knop medium reduced the time for gametophore emergence.

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