Fast identification method for an allopolyploid liverwort Pellia borealis Lorbeer (Hepaticae, Metzgeriales)


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 31 (3) - Pages 207-215

Published on 30 July 2010

A simple method was described for the identification of an allopolyploid liverwort Pellia borealis based on isozyme analysis. A perfect correlation was observed between the polyploid chromosome number (n=18) and the fixed heterozygous isoenzyme pattern of two diaphorase loci (DiaA and DiaC) in a large collection of Pellia epiphylla sensu lato from Polish populations. Therefore, their isozyme pattern may be used as a reliable diagnostic marker, which makes it possible to distinguish between a polyploid and two parental cryptic species from the P. epiphylla complex. Due to the alloploid origin of P. borealis we postulate that the species rank of the taxon should be maintained and geographical distribution revised.

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