A contribution to the moss flora of French Guiana : a collection from the surroundings of Kaw


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 30 (3) - Pages 377-381

Published on 31 July 2009

Five species (Callicostella bernoullii, Calymperes bartramii, Fissidens amoenus, Fissidens santa-clarensis and Plaubelia sprengelii) of mosses are first recorded from French Guiana. This is based on a collection of mosses gathered from the Kaw area in 2006. A list of 30 species (22 genera) is presented, including notes on frequencies and substrata. The number of moss species currently known from French Guiana is now 199. This contribution based on an inventory of a fairly restricted area suggests that the diversity of the bryoflora of French Guyana remains underestimated.

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