Lista comentada de los musgos (Bryophyta) en la región central de la Cordillera de la Costa Venezolana, colectados por E. Rutkis. I

Efraín MORENO & Thalia MORALES

sp Cryptogamie, Bryologie 29 (2) - Pages 165-181

Published on 25 April 2008

This study groups information from the moss collections of Edgar Rutkis, a botanist of Latvian origin who collected bryophytes and lichens between the years 1994-1995 in diverse sectors of the mountain range of the Venezuelan coast. This coastal region has been little explored from the bryological point of view. This collection consists of 271 specimens of mosses grouped in 21 families, 55 genera and 65 species is deposited in the National Herbarium of Venezuela (VEN). Nine new bryophytes were registered from the coastal region. Here we list alphabetically species organizing the information in family and genera; it also contains such information as: a brief description of the specimen, habitat, substratum, locality, number and date of collection. Finally, some particular comments about the certain species are given. This paper is a tribute to E. Rutkis, who died recently.

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