East African Bryophytes, XXIII. Three new species of Diplasiolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Jungermanniopsida) from Madagascar


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 27 (4) - Pages 439-452

Published on 27 October 2006

Three new species of Diplasiolejeunea are described from Madagascar, as new to science: Diplasiolejeunea ornata Pócs & Schäfer-Verwimp, distributed in north-east Madagascar, is characterised by its first lobule teeth with superposed cells and by its perianth with often umbonate auricles. Diplasiolejeunea ranomafanae Pócs occurs exclusively in the Ranomafana National Park, and is characterised by its shaped sigmoid lobule with three teeth. Finally, Diplasiolejeunea andringitrae Schäfer-Verwimp is scattered all along the forested eastern escarpment and is characterised also by the lobule having three teeth, of which the first is located near the junction of the lobule with the ventral margin of lobe, and the second appears T-shaped, a combination of characters unique in African species of Diplasiolejeunea.

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