Notes on Himalayan Hepaticae 3: New records and extensions of range for some Himalayan and Chinese Marchantiales

David LONG

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 27 (1) - Pages 119-129

Published on 27 January 2006

New records are presented for 21 species of complex thalloid Hepaticae (Marchantiales) from the Sino-Himalayan region, collected mostly on expeditions from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. New records are as follows: Nepal 3 species, Sikkim 6, Bhutan 6, Yunnan 4, Tibet 1, Qinghai 4 and Bangladesh 2. Most significant are many new records of the rare Cryptomitrium himalayense, extensions of range for Exomortheca tuberifera eastwards to Bhutan, and Sauteria spongiosa to Yunnan. The widespread occurrence of the recently-described Conocephalum salebrosum is confirmed for the Sino-Himalayan region, and also for the three European subspecies of Marchantia polymorpha recorded for the first time from throughout the Himalayas and Western China, with similar ecological preferences as reported in Europe.

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