Les bryophytes de la Lorraine extra-vosgienne Liste critique annotée


fr Cryptogamie, Bryologie 26 (4) - Pages 347-402

Published on 28 October 2005

The bryophytes of Lorraine (France), outside the Vosges mountains, A critical annotated list. A first critical annotated bryophyte list is published concerning Lorraine outside the Vosges. The investigated area covers the four departments of Lorraine, with the exception of the Vosges mountains, but including the hilly Vosges du Nord (Moselle). This paper is based on a critical examination of the literature, some revisions of herbaria and recent fieldwork. The checklist contains 131 liverworts and hornworts (including 3 infraspecific taxa) and 450 mosses (including 22 infraspecific taxa). 117 taxa are new with respect to the period before 1968; 76 of which are mentioned here for the first time. Remarkable new taxa include Cephaloziella spinigera, Plagiochila punctata, Scapania cuspiduligera Sphaerocarpos texanus, Bryum elegans, Ephemerum cohaerens, Fissidens exiguus, Metaneckera menziesii, Schistidium dupretii, Schistidium robustum, Seligeria campylopoda Cryptogamie, Syntrichia papillosissima (second record for France) and Tortella densa. Eleven species, previously mentioned, were cancelled from the checklist: Cephalozia pleniceps, Jungermannia sphaerocarpa, Metzgeria simplex, Plagiochila spinulosa, Scapania lingulata, Scapania mucronata, Grimmia funalis, Racomitrium ericoides, Sphagnum centrale, S. imbricatum and S. pulchrum. New, rare or remarkable taxa, as well as all revisions made, are commented in detailed annotations.

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