Pallavicinia lyellii (Hook.) Carruth. et Kurzia sylvatica (A. Evans) Grolle (Hepaticae), nouveaux pour la Catalogne


fr Cryptogamie, Bryologie 26 (3) - Pages 301-312

Published on 29 July 2005

In Catalonia (Spain), Sphagnum compactum Lam. & DC. and Polytrichum commune Hedw. var. perigoniale (Michx..) Hampe, were found in a talweg surrounded by Mediterranean maquis. This new station confirms Davy de Virville’s works (1934) in Albères (France) and reveals the presence of two liverworts new for Catalonia and for the whole French and Iberian Mediterranean area : Pallavicinia lyellii (Hook) Carruth. and Kurzia sylvatica (Evans) Grolle. This paper describes environmental features and suggests similarities with the Calypogeio fissae-Pallavicinietum lyellii Guerra, Gil & Varo 1981.

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