Chromosomes and oil bodies of Plagiochilion (Plagiochilaceae, Hepaticae)

Min ZHENG, May Ling SO & Rui-Liang ZHU

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 26 (1) - Pages 109-115

Published on 07 February 2005

The chromosome number of the genus Plagiochilion S. Hatt. (Plagiochilaceae, Hepaticae), n=9, is reported for the first time, based on Chinese material of P. mayebarae S. Hatt. and P. oppositum (Reinw. et al.) S. Hatt. Oil bodies of Plagiochilion oppositum are newly described and illustrated. Oil bodies of cultured material of P. mayebarae contain smaller granules sometimes difficultly recognized, and are slightly different from those from the wild.

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