Orthotrichum gymnostomum Brid. and other interesting Orthotrichaceae from Calabria (Italy)

Francisco LARA, Domenico PUNTILLO, Ricardo GARILLETI & Vicente MAZIMPAKA

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 25 (4) - Pages 349-356

Published on 29 October 2004

Orthotrichum gymnostomum Brid. is first reported from Calabria (Southern Italy); this is the first record of the species in the Mediterranean Area. In addition, six other species are reported as new to the Calabria region (Orthotrichum acuminatum H. Philib., O. alpestre Hornsch. ex Bruch, Schimp. & Gümbel, O. philibertii Venturi, O. scanicum Grönvall, O. stramineum Hornsch., and O. schimperi Hammar), while new localities are given for Orthotrichum anomalum Hedw., O. shawii Wilson, O. speciosum Nees, O. tenellum Brid., and Ulota crispa (Hedw.) Brid., most of which had not been reported for this area after 1950.

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