Molecular contribution to the systematic position of Mastopoma scabrifolium (Broth. in Moell.) B.C. Tan & Tran Ninh (Sematophyllaceae, Bryopsida)

Benito C. TAN & Chang YING

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 25 (4) - Pages 301-308

Published on 29 October 2004

A new molecular cladistic study of 42 species (including Mastopoma scabrifolium) in 25 genera of Sematophyllaceae in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore has revealed the non-monophyly of the genus Mastopoma. Mastopoma scabrifolium was shown in a MP phylogenetic tree based on rbcL sequences to be forming a separate clade with Acanthorrhynchium papillatum. A transfer of this species to Acanthorrhynchium is proposed. Acanthorrhynchium scabrifolium (Broth. in Moell.) B.C. Tan & Chang Ying is a new combination.

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