Type studies on Frullania subgenus Meteoriopsis (Hepaticae). I. The lectotypification of the genus Frullania, F. subgen. Thyopsiella and F. subgen. Meteoriopsis, and some species transferred from subgen. Meteoriopsis to subgen. Thyopsiella

M. Jaime URIBE & S. Robbert GRADSTEIN

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 24 (3) - Pages 193-207

Published on 25 July 2003

A type revision of the species assigned to Frullania subgen. Meteoriopsis revealed that F. aculeata Taylor, F. atrata (Sw.) Nees, F. capilliformis Steph. (= F. brasiliensis Raddi), F. caracensis Steph. (= F. brasiliensis), F. crinoidea Spruce ex Steph. (= F. atrata), F. effusa Steph. (= F. brasiliensis), F. goebeliana Steph. (= F. brasiliensis), F. hastatistipula Steph. (= F. brasiliensis), F. involuta Hampe ex Steph., F. lechleri Steph.(= F. atrata), F. leiboldiana Steph. (= F. atrata), F. liebmaniana Lindenb. & Gottsche (= F. atrata), F. lindeniana Steph. (= F. atrata), F. mucronata (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Lehm. & Lindenb. (= F. brasiliensis), F. subaculeata Spruce (= F. atrata), F. tenuis Hampe ex Lehm. (= F. brasiliensis) and F. uleana Steph. (= F. involuta) were erroneously included in this subgenus and are members of subgen. Thyopsiella. In order to maintain subgen. Meteoriopsis in its original sense, F. atrata is rejected as the lectotype and F. peruviana Gottsche is proposed as the new lectotype. It is also pointed out that the lectotype of the genus Frullania is Frullania dilatata (L.) Dumort., not F. tamarisci (L.) Dumort. For this reason, the name F. subgen. Trachycolea Spruce is replaced by F. subgen. Frullania and the name F. subgen. Thyopsiella Spruce (lectotype: F. tamarisci (L.) Dumort., here designated) is maintained.

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