A new locality of Plagiochila dimorpha var. ecuadorica (Plagiochilaceae, Hepaticae)

Jochen HEINRICHS, Rosemary WILSON & Henk GROTH

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 24 (2) - Pages 155-158

Published on 25 April 2003

The rare Neotropical montane Plagiochila dimorpha Lindenb. & Gottsche var. ecuadorica (Inoue) J.Heinrichs (Steereochila ecuadorica Inoue) has been collected for the second time in Ecuador, growing intermingled with Plagiochila cucullifolia Jack & Steph. Apart from the two Ecuadorian sites, P. dimorpha var. ecuadorica has only been reported from single localities in Bolivia and Costa Rica.


Plagiochila, Steereochila, distribution, Neotropics

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