Some interesting bryophytes from the Adrar massif (Mauritania)

Juana María GONZÁLEZ-MANCEBO & Rosa María ROS

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (3) - Pages 263-270

Published on 26 July 2002

The bryophyte flora of Mauritania is poorly known, only five species of bryophytes having been cited previously. Based on field collections and diaspore bank studies, seven bryophyte species have been identified, two of which were reported previously for the country (Gymnostomiella monodii and Riccia cavernosa). Five are new to Mauritania (Barbula indica, Eucladium verticillatum, Philonotis hastata, Splachnobryum obtusum and Leptophascum leptophyllum); the last one is also a new record to Northern Africa.


Bryophyte flora, Northern Africa, Mauritania, Adrar region

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