Contribution à l’actualisation des connaissances sur la bryoflore (sphaignes exclues) de la partie siliceuse du massif de l’Aigoual (France)

Jean-Pierre HÉBRARD

fr Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (3) - Pages 225-247

Published on 26 July 2002

Contribution to the knowledge update on the bryoflora (excluding sphagnum) of the siliceous part of the Aigoual massif (France)

An up to date inventory of the bryoflora of the siliceous part of the Aigoual massif allowed to report 179 species of mosses (excluding Sphagna) and 41 species of liverworts. The elements with a wide world distribution (circumboreal and cosmopolitan in a broad sense) represent 76,96 % of the total number of species whereas the percentage of orophytes (32,72 %) is relatively important. Furthermore, among the 44 mosses and 14 liverworts that had never been reported before from the study area, 28 species can be considered to be very rare or rare in the neighbouring Massif Central. For what concerns conservation, the dry and shady rock faces, the screes under cover of trees, the temporarily moist rocks and the banks of forest brooks correspond to the habitats that are the richest in bryophytes. After a critical assessment of the literature data, the bryoflora of the siliceous part of the Aigoual massif should consist, apart from Sphagnum peat bogs, of 243 species of mosses and 55 species of liverworts (excluding the species the presence of which should be confirmed or is very doubtful).


France, Aigoual massif, siliceous part, bryophytes, conservation

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