New Bryological Data from the Balearic Islands

Llorenç SÁEZ, Creu CASAS, Rosa María CROS & Montserrat BRUGUÉS

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (2) - Pages 181-187

Published on 26 April 2002

Chorological data on 40 bryophytes from the Balearic Islands are presented. The presence within the Balearic archipelago of the following mosses is reported for the first time: Didymodon nicholsonii Culm., Ditrichum crispatissimum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, Neckera besseri (Lobarz.) Jur., Orthotrichum rupestre Schwagr., O. stramineum Brid., Phascum cuspidatum Hedw. var. retortifolium J.Guerra & Ros, P. piptocarpum Durieu & Mont., Pottia pallida Lindb., Pseudoleskea incurvata (Hedw.) Loeske, Schistidium elegantulum H.H.Blom subsp. elegantulum and Weissia squarrosa (Nees & Hornsch.) Müll.Hal. Additionally, 22 taxa are new records for some of the islands, with 7 being amended.


Mosses, floristics, chorology, Balearic Islands

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