Comments on some African species of the moss genus Glossadelphus M. Fleisch.

Gabriella KIS

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (2) - Pages 157-169

Published on 26 April 2002

Bryocrumia vivicolor (Broth. & Dixon) W.R.Buck is new to Tanzania. Glossadelphus baldwinii Broth. is a new synonym of Phyllodon lingulatus (Cardot) W.R.Buck. Phyllodon lingulatus is new to Africa. Sigmatella natans Müll.Hal. and Glossadelphus natans (Müll.Hal.) M.Fleisch. are new synonyms of Phyllodon truncatulus (Müll.Hal.) W.R.Buck. Taxithelium latitruncatum Cardot, described from Madagascar, is a new synonym of Phyllodon truncatulus (Müll.Hal.) W.R.Buck, therefore the species is not new to the island, but confirms its early record from Madagascar and makes a further addition to the list of bicontinental Afro-American elements, which do not occur in mainland Africa. Phyllodon truncatus (Welw. & Duby) W.R.Buck is new to Madagascar. Symphyodon pygmaeus (Broth.) He & Snider is recorded from Madagascar the second time. Glossadelphus congolensis Broth. & P. de la Varde and Glossadelphus congolensis Broth. & P. de la Varde var. falcatus Demaret & P. de la Varde are new synonyms of Ectropothecium zollingeri (Müll.Hal.) Jaeg. Phyllodon perplanicaulis (Broth.) Kis is a new combination of Taxithelium perplanicaule Broth. and the species is new to Reunion. Glossadelphus eckendorfii P. de la Varde is a new synonym of Phyllodon perplanicaulis (Broth.) Kis.


Hypnaceae, Bryocrumia, Glossadelphus, Phyllodon, Symphyodon, Ectropothecium, Africa, America

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