Lectotypification and synonymy of Plagiochila sect. Vagae Lindenb. (Hepaticae)

Jochen HEINRICHS, Michael SAUER & Riclef GROLLE

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (1) - Pages 5-9

Published on 25 January 2002

Lectotypes are designated for Plagiochila sect. Vagae Lindenb. 1843: P. patula (Sw.) Lindenb., P. sect. Frondescentes Spruce 1885: P. montana Spruce, and P. sect. Spinulosae Spruce 1885: P. distinctifolia Lindenb. Plagiochila sect. Frondescentes and P. sect. Spinulosae as well as P. sect. Contiguae Cari 1931 and P. sect. Crispatae Cari 1931 are treated as new synonyms of P. sect. Vagae.


Lectotypification, new synonyms

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