Au sujet de deux hépatiques « oubliées » de la bryoflore française : Lophozia decolorans (Limpr.) Steph. (Lophoziaceae, Marchantiophyta) et Apomarsupella revoluta (Nees) R.M.Schust. (Gymnomitriaceae, Marchantiophyta)


fr Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (1) - Pages 41-49

Published on 25 January 2002

About two "forgotten" liverworts of the French bryoflora: Lophozia decolorans (Limpr.) Steph. (Lophoziaceae, Marchantiophyta) and Apomarsupella revoluta (Nees) R.M.Schust. (Gymnomitriaceae, Marchantiophyta)

Recent floras do not mention the presence in France of Lophozia decolorans (Limpr.) Steph. and Apomarsupella revoluta (Nees) R.M.Schust., whereas these two leafy hepatics are the subject of ancient records. New localities are given for Lophozia decolorans with a description of its ecology. A cartography is presented for both species.

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