Aperçu de la flore et de la végétation bryophytiques du site des Narces d’Issanlas (Ardèche-France), témoin exceptionnel d’une zone humide de moyenne montagne

Jacques BARDAT & Vincent HUGONNOT

fr Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (1) - Pages 51-72

Published on 25 January 2002

Overview of the flora and bryophytic vegetation of the Narces d'Issanlas site (Ardèche-France), an exceptional example of a mid-mountain wetland

The authors draw up a first inventory of the flora and bryological vegetation of the boggy complex of Narces d’Issanlas (Ardèche, France). They underline the diversity of this site which has a remarkable mosaic of habitats particularly favourable to the expression of the bryological flora. The presence of extremely rare species, some of them occupying very particular microhabitats, reinforces the interest with it. They supplement their approach by elements of vegetation dynamics and try to explain the exceptional richness of the site.


Peat bog, bryophytes, mountain

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