Le lièvre de Cissé (Vienne) : un dépôt original de faune dans une tombe du haut Moyen Âge


fr Anthropozoologica 41 (1) - Pages 27-35

Published on 30 June 2006

The hare of Cissé (Vienne, France): a peculiar faunal deposit in an early medieval grave

Hind limb bones from a hare were discovered in a human sepulture of a small early medieval cemetery near Cissé (Vienne, France). This discovery raises several interrogations about its nature and origin. Using archaeozoological and anthropological methods, we analyzed this deposit and tried to understand the bones' position and their perturbations. These hare's bones could give evidence of an anthropic deposit. This example tends to prove that the presence of animal remains in funerary context for medieval periods should not be minimized and discusses the usual lack of faunal remains in medieval burials.


Lièvre, dépôt, sépulture, archéozoologie, anthropologie, haut Moyen Âge.

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