Fabriquer des figurines d'animaux dans l’Antiquité : techniques et matériaux


fr Anthropozoologica 38 - Pages 11-16

Published on 01 March 2004

This article is a part of the thematic issue Figures animales des mondes anciens

The manufacturing of zoomorphic figurines in Antiquity: techniques and materials

This paper outlines ancient techniques for manufacturing zoomorphic figurines: both the production of single figurines (by carving hard materials such as wood, stone, bone or ivory, by modelling clay or turning clay on a potter's wheel, by casting bronze or other metals) and, conversely, the use of different techniques using moulds for mass-production of identical fig-urines in clay or metal. Emphasis is placed on the technical lim-itations imposed by the representation of animals in opposition to anthropomorphic figurines.


Antiquity, zoomorphic figurines, materials, clay, bronze, stone, bone, ivory, techniques, carving, modelling, casting, wheel-throwing, coroplasty

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