Aristote penseur de la différence entre l’homme et l’animal


fr Anthropozoologica 33-34 - Pages 105-112

Published on 01 March 2002

This article is a part of the thematic issue Animal et animalité dans l’Antiquité. Actes du colloque de l’Université Lumière-Lyon II, 24-25 septembre 1998

Aristotle thinking difference between man and animal

Everybody knows that Aristotle holds that man is the alone animal which is endowed with logos. But, too many people think that for this reason man is the only one political animal. The author argues against this illusory evidence. If man is truely the only one animal which is endowed with logos, this fact does not involve that he is a political animal. Worse that man is the only one to be an authentic political animal. But, giving to the others animals their due part does not involve that Aristotle was the father of the sociobiology.


Aristotle, animals, man, politics, sociobiology.

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