Sur le caractère ardent du sanglier selon Aristote. Ethique et physiologie du Thumos

Cristina VIANO

fr Anthropozoologica 30 - Pages 23-32

Published on 01 March 2000

Aristotle on the boar’s impetuosity. Ethics and physiology of thumos

Aristotle describes the boar's character as impetuous, ardent, choleric and aggressive. The impetuosity (thumos) of this animal appears as a , analogous to the courage of reckless men. From a physiological point of view, this , a necessary but not sufficient condition of moral action, is identified with heating of blood. It is common both to men and animals, and manifests itself as a sort of vital force, linked to the protection of the individual, which reacts strongly to all external aggression.


Boar, thumos, impetuosity, courage, anger, warmth, blood, natural virtue.

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