Archaeozoological researches at the Beagle Channel, Argentina


en Anthropozoologica 25-26 - Pages 237-246

Published on 01 June 1998

This article is a part of the thematic issue Proceedings of the 7th ICAZ International Meeting, Constance, September 1994

This article presents a brief review of zooarchaeological works conducted at the Tunel VII site (near Ushuaia, north shore of the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina). This shell midden, produced by Yamana hunter-fishergatherers, was occupied during the last century. A whole occupation unit and its surroundings have been excavated. A
principal conclusion is the dependence on sea lions and the increasing importance of other resources such as fish following contact with Europeans. Some methodological reflections about refitting, rearticulation, marks, and the units employed in zooarchaeology result from a comparison of this work with others.


Beagle Channel, hunter-fisher-gatherers, ethnoarchaeology, zooarchaeological units, sea lions.

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