The extinction of the megafauna: a supra-regional approach

Luis Alberto BORRERO

en Anthropozoologica 25-26 - Pages 209-216

Published on 01 June 1998

This article is a part of the thematic issue Proceedings of the 7th ICAZ International Meeting, Constance, September 1994

Most discussions on the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna in southern South America depend on dates determined for deposits within which the bones were recovered. An analysis based on taxon-dates (Grayson, 1987), the majority of which are from recent work in the Ultima Esperanza region, Southern Chile, suggests that the chronological framework for the rest of
Fuego-Patagonia needs to be revised. ln addition, some implications for the assessment of the model of Coevolutionary Disequilibrium are introduced.


Pleistocene megafauna, Fuego-Patagonia, coevolutionnary disequilibrium

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