Relations homme-animal dans les élevages laitiers intensifs de Bretagne (France). Proposition d'une typologie des éleveurs d'après le « tempérament » de leurs animaux

Bernard FAYE

fr Anthropozoologica 22 - Pages 17-22

Published on 01 December 1995

Man-animal relationships in intensive dairy farms from Brittany (France). Proposition for a typology of farmers using the "temperaments" of their animals.

In the context of an ecopathological study, the tempéraments of 4 129 cows were recorded according to a pre-determined list: dominant, leader, astute, curious, calm, timid, lively, malicious, stupid, neutral. At the same time, health disorders and reproduction performances were listed. Three types of herds have been identified from the temperament distribution: mainly neutral cows (type 1), mainly curious or astute cows (2), mainly lively, timid, stupid or malicious cows (3). These types could be linked to three categories of farmers: the dominant (1), the affectionate (2) and the reserved (3).


Dairy cows, Temperament, Health, Ecopathology, Typology.

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