Les satyres et Pan : autour de la sexualité, du mariage et du théâtre


fr Anthropozoologica 21 - Pages 225-230

Published on 01 November 1995

This article is a part of the thematic issue Animal in man's space, man in the animal space. Proceedings of the 5th international meeting of HASRI, Genova, 23-25 November 1994

Satyrs and Pan: On Sexuality, Marriage and Theatre

Joining human and animal anatomical features, satyrs as well as the god Pan are in a marginal position. This marginality reveals itself through a kind of sexuality which is clearly out of the human norm, as defined by the institution of marriage. Nevertheless both a satyr play by Aeschylus and a comedy by Menander suggest that satyrs and Pan can play a determining part in the establishment of a marriage. Finally I emphasize the shifts in the representation of marriage from the fifth-century satyr play to the fourth-century new comedy.


Ancient Greek Theatre, Satyr Play, New Comedy, Anthropology, Ritual.

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