L'espace du sacrifice musulman en milieu urbain français : de l'espace domestique à l'espace public, du clandestin au légal


fr Anthropozoologica 21 - Pages 217-223

Published on 01 November 1995

This article is a part of the thematic issue Animal in man's space, man in the animal space. Proceedings of the 5th international meeting of HASRI, Genova, 23-25 November 1994

The place of Muslim sacrifice in the French urban environment: front domestic to public space, clandestine or legal

France is a secular country which guarantees religious freedom within its borders. Nevertheless, certain religious practices have proved difficult to "integrate ". The domestic sacrifice of cAyd al-kabîr, a Muslim feast of great importance, provides a case in point. It is often performed in clandestine spaces, ill-adapted to its practice. As a result, it creates problems for human and animal health, environmental pollution, and public order. Based on 10 years of observation of this feast in the Parisian region, we address the following question: is there a place for Muslim sacrifice in France ?


Anthropology, Animal, Sacrifice, Islam, France, Urban environment.

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