Interactions between scientists, managers and policy makers in the framework of the French MediOs project on Ostreopsis (2008-2010)

Rodolphe LEMÉE, Luisa MANGIALAJO, Stéphanie COHU, Zouher AMZIL, Aurélie BLANFUNÉ, Nicolas CHOMERAT, Nicolas GANZIN, Stéphane GASPARINI, Hubert GROSSEL, Laurence GUIDI-GUIVARD, Laurent HOAREAU, Franck LE DUFF, Sophie MARRO, Nathalie SIMON, Elisabeth NEZAN, Maria-Luiza PEDROTTI, Véronique SECHET, Odile SOLIVERES & Thierry THIBAUT

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 33 (2) - Pages 137-142

Published on 25 May 2012

The main goal of the multidisciplinary MediOs project was to acquire and analyze pertinent scientific knowledge in fields as diverse as ecology, biology, chemistry, epidemiology or socio-economics concerning the occurrence of species belonging to genus Ostreopsis (toxic benthic dinoflagellates) in the Mediterranean. The economic impact of Ostreopsis was estimated, based on the intensity and frequency of blooms. Results obtained allowed science-based recommendations concerning the management of risk, with suggestions to optimize environmental surveys, to initiate a food risk survey, and to structure actions at the national level.

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