The genus Ostreopsis along the Algerian coastal waters (SW Mediterranean Sea) associated with a human respiratory intoxication episode

Hassina ILLOUL, Francisco Rodríguez HERNÁNDEZ, Magda VILA, Nawel ADJAS, Amel Aït YOUNES, Mouna BOURNISSA, Akila KOROGHLI, Nadia MAROUF, Sabah RABIA & Fariza Lala Khadidja AMEUR

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 33 (2) - Pages 209-216

Published on 25 May 2012

This work describes the first toxic event (human intoxications and sea urchin mortality) related to Ostreopsis bloom in Algerian coastal waters. The distribution of Ostreopsis is presented in three rocky beaches of Algiers Wilaya, where several cases of human intoxications were registered during July 2009. The maximum abundances attained by Ostreopsis in other stations of the networkestablishedbythe Agency for the Protection and Promotion of Algiers Wilaya coasts (APPL) for monitoring HABs species are also presented. We discuss some of the factors that could explain this toxic episode.

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