Notes on the marine algae of the Bermudas. 12. A phylogenetic assessment of Nemastoma gelatinosum M. Howe (Rhodophyta, Nemastomatales) from its type locality

Craig W. SCHNEIDER, Daniel C. MCDEVIT, Gary W. SAUNDERS & Christopher E. LANE

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 32 (4) - Pages 313-325

Published on 25 November 2011

Using three genetic markers (COI-5P, LSU, rbcL), plants historically identified as Platoma cyclocolpum from Bermuda have been linked to Nemastoma gelatinosum from its type locality, each representing a distinct seasonal morphology in the islands. Further, the Bermuda plants are genetically related to the recently described P. chrysymenioides from the Gulf of Mexico. These molecular studies and morphological observations confirm the generic placement of the Bermuda plants in Platoma, necessitating the taxonomic change to the nomenclatural precedent as P. gelatinosum (M. Howe) comb. nov.

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