Gonimophyllum buffhamii Batters (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyceae) from the Iberian Peninsula: description of morphological and reproductive structures

Tomas GALLARDO & Maria del Carmen ESCUDERO

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 32 (1) - Pages 27-36

Published on 25 February 2011

Gonimophyllum buffhamii, a red algal hemiparasite on Acrosorium ciliolatum and Cryptopleura ramosa (Delesseriaceae), is rare along the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula. We describe male gametophytes with spermatangial sori and tetrasporophytic plants for the first time in this area. The species is reported for the first time on A. ciliolatum along the Iberian Peninsula. A comparison is made with the three other species of the genus in order to facilitate their separation.

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