New records and notes on marine benthic algae of American Samoa- Chlorophyta & Phaeophyta1

Posa A. SKELTON & G. Robin SOUTH

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 25 (3) - Pages 291-312

Published on 27 August 2004

A total of 43 species are added to the previously known flora of the benthic marine algae of American Samoa (8 Phaeophyta, 35 Chlorophyta), raising the known flora to 230 species. More new additions to the flora can be anticipated when Rhodophyta and Cyanophyta collected during recent surveys, and older unworked collections, are examined. Most of the additions reported here have a widespread Indo-Pacific distribution. Sporocladopsis erythraea Nasr (Chlorophyceae, Chaetophorales) was found epiphytic on the base of Sargassum anapense Setchell et Gardner, the first record outside its type locality (Red Sea).

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