On the taxonomic status of the genera Belonastrum and Synedrella proposed by Round and Maidana (2001)

Eduardo A. MORALES

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 24 (3) - Pages 277-288

Published on 29 August 2003

Two new genera, Belonastrum and Synedrella, were erected by Round and Maidana (2001) to accommodate Synedra berolinensis and Synedra parasitica, respectively. Neither genus was characterized by scanning electron microscopy data (SEM), with both of the transfers based primarily on the ecology of the taxa, namely, the planktonic habit of S. berolinensis and the epiphytic nature of S. parasitica. Based on both SEM and detailed comparative analyses of specimens found in North American samples, the two transfers above are refuted. The combination Staurosirella berolinensis, proposed by Buktiyarova (1995), is recommended for Synedra berolinensis. Synedra parasitica and its variety subconstricta are transferred to the genus Pseudostaurosira sensu Williams & Round (1987).

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